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Welcome To Lexco

We're a digital marketing agency. We build premium websites for small business. Take the quiz below and find out if your website is working as hard as you are.

About us

Our Mission is simple: Help small businesses grow and thrive online.

How we do it?

Web Design

We build fast, beautiful, secure and mobile-friendly website to help small businesses and solopreneurs grow online.

Web Hosting

Not all servers are created equal. We use servers that consistently rank as the fastest, most secure, and most reliable in the industry.

Software Integrations

We'll help you integrate major software with your website to help you sell products online, gain readership (with a blog), or showcase your services.

Do more with a website

Sell your products, services or ideas.

Whether you would like to sell a product, provide a service or share your ideas with the world, a website will help you widen your audience and reach more customers.

Take control of your online reputation

Without a website, your online reputation depends on Google reviews, yelp ect. With a website, you get to tell your story your way, and beautifully showcase your unique offerings to customers.

Increase Revenue

A fast, secure and mobile-friendly website will help you increase website traffic. More website traffic = more potential customers = more revenue.

Limited Time Offer

We're currently offering free website design* when you sign up for our starter plan. Sign up today and get an additional 20% off our starter plan.

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Why Lexco

Unique UI, designed to get you more customers

We designed a unique UI (User Interface) build for speed, beauty and impact. From functional animations, to elegant modules, everything we do is geared to help you dazzle customers and increase website traffic.

Data-driven decisions to help you grow online.

We use data-driven analytics to help drive more customers to your website. Our goal is to help small business owners and solopreneurs grow online and increase revenue.

Plans crafted to help you save money, without compromising quality.

Websites like this one can be expensive. Many business owners resort to cheap clunky websites that annoy their customers. A Lexco website is the best of both worlds. You get a high quality, secure, and mobile-friendly website, at a price you can afford.

Think of us as a partner in the digital age.

Digital marketing can be confusing. Running a business alone can feel overwhelming. With Lexco, you get a partner to help you grow online. We'll guide you through best online, social or digital marketing practice.
We'll help you grow and thrive online.

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