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What is Digital marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing is marketing done online.

With more and more customers looking online for the services and products they need, it is essential for business owners everywhere to have a website and an online presence.

However, a website alone may no longer be enough. To maximize exposure, website must now be fast, secure, aesthetically pleasing, and mobile friendly.

The Problem:

Making a website be fast, beautiful, secure, and mobile friendly is not easy.

It takes finding the best hosting service, finding a great web design company, design a website that looks great on all devices ect.

The Solution: Website Help by Lexco!

Our ‘Website Help’ service is designed to help you get more customers.

With this service, you get to focus on your passion, while our team of experts continuously optimize your website, to help you get more customers.

Whether you already have a website that needs optimization or you need a new website, our this service is for you.

What’s Included:

Web Hosting

Get fast, secure, and reliable website hosting to power your website.

On-Going Support

Get 24/7 support, help troubleshooting any issues that may arise with your website, and help updating and modifying content (text, images, videos ect) on your website.

Software Integration

Get your website integrated with software such as Google Analytics, Facebook, or Mailchimp, to better understand your customers and get you more customers.


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Why Speed Matters?

In 2017, studies found that most customers expect a website to load in 4 seconds or less. When websites take longer to load, customers give up on the website and look elsewhere for the products and services they need.

Why Security Matters?

The world wide web is becoming increasingly like the wild wild west. Fraudulent companies are constently creating websites to try and steal customers personal info.

Customers are becoming more and more aware of this and are more and more reluctant to share their personal info online. A security badge (SSL) on your site lets your customers know that if they share their information with you, their information is secure and will not be stolen.

Why support is important?

Nothing in the world is perfect. As great as our websites are, issues still arise from time to time. With our 24/7 support, you get a team of experts who are always ready to help you not only improve your website, but also help you fix any issues that may arise.

How it works

  1. Click the button below and fill out the form on the next page.
  2. A lexco representative will reach out to your within 24hours to get more details about your business.
  3. If you’re satisfied with our conversation, we set you up with our website help service.
  4. You’re ready to get more customers.

Simple Pricing

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$24.99/month after first year.

Take an extra 20% when you pay annually.


Billed Annually

*First year pricing.
$19.99/month after first year.

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