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If increasing your digital marketing efforts is your goal (it should be in 2017 for businesses of all sizes), then look no further. At Lexco, we’ve got all the necessary tools to make you shine your brightest, attract more customers, and retain the ones you already have. Below are some of the services we offer.

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Website Design & Development

The bread-and-butter of your online presence should be your website. It is the foundation of everything you do on the World Wide Web, and your visitors will decide whether or not to work with you within seconds of visiting your site. Intimidating? We think not.


What We Offer:

Buyer’s Personna Development

Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress Theme Customization

Copywriting and Content Development

Data and Analytics Integration

Website Optimization

Great websites aren’t just one-time projects; they are the product of years of testing, measuring, analyzing, and updating.


What We Offer:

Website Speed Testing and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mobile Optimization

Brand Development

Great websites grow businesses. Great brands grow legacies. We don’t believe our job is done once we create your website; on the contrary, our job is just beginning.


What We Offer:

Brand Book Creation

Logo Design

On-Going Web Design Packages

Building a website is only the beginning. Below are some packages we offer to help you maintain, update and constantly improve your website. Our goal is simple: Help you constantly grow your online presence, to help you acquire more customers, increase revenue and achieve all your business goals.

All of our ‘On-Going Web Design Packages’ include:

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Web Hosting


We partner with WP Engine to bring you first class hosting services

What is included?

Free SSL set-up and updates

99.95% uptime

Unlimited Bandwidth

CDN speed boost

Basic Website Maintenance Plan


What is included?

FREE Web Hosting

Unlimited Content Edits

Monthly Detailed and comprehensive report

Website Traffic Monitoring

Website Speed Optimization

Website Layout Optimization

Starter-Pack SEO Plan


What is included?

All the features of the ‘basic plan’ plus:

Keyword Research

Basic Buyers Personna Development

Tag optimization (Title, header, alternate, anchor, paragraph, and more…)

Sitemap Optimization

Keyword Ranking Reports


Pricing websites and web design services complex because it depends on so many factors such as:

  • Size of the website
  • Type of website (E-commerce, newpaper, blog, art, photography)
  • Features to be included (CRM, animations, forms) ect.

We’ve decided to make it simple and transparent for our small business clients. So, here is our simple pricing structure:

  • All of our services are based on our ‘standard going rate’ of $75/hour.
  • The estimates are based on a basic (~5 page) website. For more accurate estimates or for bigger projects, contact us.
  • Simply click on either one of the ‘services’ tab to see our estimated project duration.
  • Multiply the project duration by our standard going rate above. Et voila.
For more on the complexities of pricing and how we compare, read this article


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